Black Friday

Today starts my favorite time of the year. Yes, that is right I absolutely love Christmas. I worked in the malls for 15 + years and from the beginning I had a blast.

It is rough on a lot of retail stores trying to make the numbers and I understand that and do not hold it against anyone that does not like this time of the year working in retail.

I never had any problem making my numbers at this time of the year. I did start to realize that is was not always about the numbers. Sure, do not let a manager of DM hear that comment. What I discovered was came watching the people coming into my store.

Yep the lines were long and the shoppers were getting tired and at times frustrated. This is where the fun started for me, keeping everyone smiling. The trick was to stay friendly and on top of your game. All you need to do was stay smiling and talk to everyone.

When I discovered this the fun really started for me. I would see more people in my stores talking to total strangers. By keeping it lighthearted and upbeat it helped with the stress that a lot of the people were feeling. Which was the whole point.

As my life continued on I looked forward more and more to this season. It was not about the sales or the numbers it became more about meeting new people and seeing people smiling and laughing and if I was lucky the occasional caroler.

So, remember as things are getting hectic and you are running around looking for the last item that is more elusive than a rainbow unicorn. Just keep smiling and watch what is going on around you. You never know you may just find that bit of Christmas magic that happens so much and we miss all the time. When you do get to experience the magic it will warm you heart and for a very brief time all you troubles will seem very small.

Till tomorrow

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